Kalani began his theological studies early attending Catholic, Protestant, Latter Day Saints, Jewish Synagogues,Siddha Yogism, Buddhism, while studying Sufism, Islamism and several Shamanistic Traditions. Though an advid student of the many paths of life he remains influenced by his early upbringing in the Hawaiian tradition and uses the polynesian lens to describe and ascribe his observations and behaviors.

Kalani has been called upon to perform ceremonial protocol as well as land and house blessings, blessings for loved ones and family or a blessing on a new business or venture. He is a teacher and facilitator of ceremony for several communities and donates much of his time serving those in need at home and abroad. His work as a reverend has led to a natural role as a peacemaker and a conflict resolution specialist,. He engages as a Ho’oponopono practitioner when it is called for.

As stated by his father Joseph Baptist Souza Sr., “That boy can Marry ‘Em and Bury ‘Em.” Rev. M. Kalani Souza is recognized in the states of Hawaii and California, as licensed to perform weddings in either state.