Kalani works with RDI, the Regenerative Design Institute of Marin County under the auspices of Penelope Livingston MAS and James Stark. Together with other notable teachers, Brock Dolman, John Valenzuela, Douglas Bullock and Jon Young they teach nature studies, perma culture, agro forestry and other resilience skills to communities and individuals in workshops throughout the western region; including west coast of continental US as well as throughout the pacific.

Hawaiian Practitioner and Cross-Cultural Facilitator, he has experience in promoting social justice through conflict resolution. His workshops and lectures inspire, challenge and entertain the listener while calling all to be their greater self. His native roots allow him a unique perspective of the collision of two worlds; one steeped in traditional culture while the other a juggernaut of new morality and changing economic and political persuasion. He is a messenger of integration and collaboration in a world normally rife with exclusion, oppression and hopelessness.