He teaches workshops in Hawaii and abroad in the continental United States and Europe on Hawaiian Cosmology and Philosophy. As well as teaching alongside his wife, Julie Kai Stowell the Hawaiian healing art of Lomilomi. Principally as taught by Aunty Magaret Kalehuamakanoelulu’uonapali Machado of Kona, Island of Hawaii and Joseph Kalani Kealohanui and Lomana Keualani of Wailua Nui, Maui. These are familial regimens of physical, dietary and emotional work aimed to keep the body in balance, pono.

He is a student of “personology”; Jungian archetypal characterizations of innate preferences exhibited by humans under stress. The behaviors of individuals as well as large groups of people, the meta consciousness that creates the “small c” of culture.

He is published in a recent collective entitled “Transforming Through 2012” with other authers such as Babara Marx Hubbard, James Lipton, George Noory, Elizabeth Jenkins to name a few.

He is currently authoring a book entitled “Under a Native Moon” about the moon cycle and its relationship to indigenous and native perspectives as well as our capacity to seamlessly interface with the natural world.